#TicckleTuesday #10 – Superstition #flashfiction

What happened to last week? I’m not sure I know! However, a car crash and a hurried trip to Zagreb, Croatia by the wife left me juggling three children with one hand (speaking metaphorically). so, apologies…

Theme this week is “Superstition”, suggested by Jess West (@West1Jess), possibly inspired by my own run of bad luck…

And the image prompt…

… is in your worst imagination…

Go here to post the video or post the text as a comment here or on the FaceBook group.

Things have been a bit hectic at work, so I haven’t had a chance to record many submissions for #TicckleTuesday. However, I’m taking over editing of a board games podcast soon, and wondered whether that format might be a good one for audio versions of flash fiction. Please comment below and tell me what you think.


5 thoughts on “#TicckleTuesday #10 – Superstition #flashfiction”

  1. The Mountain Climber

    A lone cactus spurned him. He chose to ignore its prickly insults and trudged on towards the cloudy mountain top. The mountain teased him with changing colors and tortured him with fiery dust storms. At the end of the day, the mountain yielded and welcomed him with evening skies that reflected in the gold hidden in the mountain peaks. No one remembers seeing him leave the Superstition Mountain.

    Inspired by the following images

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