“Play in Progress”

What is “Play in Progress”?

Well, you’ve heard of “Work in Progress”… Remember all those lovely flashing Under Construction GIFs from yesteryear?

This site is “Play in Progress” and is all about various creative adventures that have been happening for the last few decades. Notably, my game making, writing, and consultancy work, as well as a few resurrection projects I have found time to fit in, here or there.

An apology!

You might wonder why this site is so small and badly designed. Well, my view is that mechanics always drive home the worst car in the garage, because they never have time to fix their own vehicles. It’s the same with the Web – too many other pages to work on. Hopefully, this document will be transformed into an awe-inspiring piece of HTML, CGI (such as Flash, XML, PHP, etc., which will exemplify all that is good in Home Page construction. The projected deadline for achieving this is approximately when I get round to it.

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Dr. Mike Reddy