My Games

This page will contain links to my (un)publishable games, which I will add here slowly over the next few months, in no particular order.

The latest completed is [Exit, pursued by a bear], an interactive narrative on Parenthood, Home, and Loss, which was made for the Global Game Jam 2019. It was awarded special recognition by GGJ and one of its sponsors that year,

In 2017, Cardiff University’s Systems Immunity University Research Institute (SIURI) – later known as Systems Immunity Research Institute (SIRI), which might have not be a better name, given that “Siri” might be a little already taken! – gave me a grant to develop one or two games to help young people understand how the human body’s immune system worked. MacMan (short for Macrophage Man, the macrophage being the white blood cell that engulfs foreign bodies in the blood stream, etc) is one of those games. Coded in HTML5 to work on iPads and Android tablets, as well as on PC and Mac, it is a no click game, past the intro screen.

Dr. Mike Reddy