If you hadn’t noticed…

In my post “You may have noticed” (written, I see, nearly four years ago 🙁 which comes something of a shock!) I recount the loss and costly retrieval of the domain name and rebirth of the site. While I intimated that I was rather bad at updating things I did assume having to pay my own way could be a personal call to action; sadly those four years (without going into unnecessary details) was my almost biblical ‘time in the wilderness’ with many great changes of circumstance. I won’t dwell…

Suffice it to say: I’ve moved house three times; had my main area of teaching, the computer games degree, culled (for the second time!); survived the experience of toxic union action, losing over £8000 in lost wages (thanks to my benmalevalent employer), but worse, seeing the corruption of democratic process within my own branch. I have now joined another trade union.

Ok, maybe I’ve dwelt a bit, but there are other things I can’t/won’t talk about. So, onto the positive 🙂

I started reading this article on The Conversation:


And it hit me. I am a hoarder 🙁

All the bad things listed applied:

“But hoarding situations where people are unable to cook in their kitchen, wash in their bathroom, entertain friends or even live in their living room, do not happen overnight. Hoarding behaviour starts long before someone’s possessions take over their home. The longer it goes on for, the harder it is for the person to address it.”

(Link above)

I think being unhappy in my marriage (even though I may not have realised it) may have broken me a long time ago…

…but we’re being positive here! What is good about self-diagnosing my status as a hoarder? Well, they say admitting it to yourself is the first step. What could be more positive than the first step‽

Ok, how did to get to living in just the smallest bedroom of a 3 bedroom house – actually 2.5! It’s that small! – with occasional trips to the even smaller bathroom and, smallest of all, the kitchen, while the rest of the house is full (and I mean FULL) of boxes and piles of things? And that’s not counting the five storage units that are costing me £200/month; please don’t judge. Well, it’s because I get wild ideas. Super secret projects. Crazy schemes to do/make cool and creative things. So, I acquire all the components – electronics, cameras, exciting and interesting stuff – then it lies there unfinished. And because it was started each project is in limbo. And so am I!

Well, my second step is to start documenting the projects. Making them real by being out there. So, hopefully, I will see progress. It might not work, and I may not make the project pages visible/public, but it’s worth a try. Wish me luck!

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