Global Game jam 2019 entry

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For the Global Game Jam 2019, the theme was “What Home means to You”, and while helping out with twelve plus other teams, and even being on the credits for a couple, I believe, I also penned this Twine game, between technical, emotional and creative breakdowns by fellow jammers. It is an autobiographical experiment – I’d never coded in Twine before – and my interpretation of ‘Home’; what it meant and what it means now.

You can play it here, and download the game and its source here.

UPDATE: In July 2019, I was approached by the GGJ committee, as one of the sponsors, iThrive Games, had a diversifier “That Kind-a Game – Create a game that explores how choosing kindness transforms the world” and my game was highlighted as “iThrive have picked out your game as one they especially love which used their sponsored diversifier…” So, sort of an award-winning game 🙂

iThrive made a series of guides for games design. Although the one that specifically inspired this diversifier, on kindness in games, is no longer on their web site, it is archived here 😀

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  1. Hey Dr Mike! I recently participated in GGJ 19 in Orlando, FL and am playing other people’s games… thank you for your true story, well done.

    1. Thank you. There is a small bug – my first time doing Twine – but after that a version of the game will appear here, along with other games I have (and am willing to share) as I slowly add them

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