Why UK Gov removing the Feed in Tariff is a bad idea

While it would be better to use something like a Tesla Powerwall, to store excess electricity for the afternoon peak and nighttime usage, and only having enough panels to charge it and cover daytime requirements, the payback for extra generation is a factor. A solar household typically gets a lot less per Kilowatt Hour (KWh) than we pay for incoming energy – usually under <4p for outgoing but ~15p for incoming KWh – but the Feed in Tariff does factor into the economics of getting/maintaining micro generation of electricity. If you are regularly creating excess energy you’ve probably paid for too many panels, which would extend the time to the break even point, but not being paid anything for this extra electricity will force households to go ‘off grid’ which will affect the bottom line of the Energy Companies, and Government taxation, rather than discourage home owners from going Solar. With the advent of electric cars, we’ll all be looking to the Sun for our future.

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