#TicckleTuesday #9 theme Tudor Baxter #flashfiction

Hetty Baxter talking of her morning tasks at Kentwell Hall in the year 1559.

Same rules as usual for #TicckleTuesday, but a video prompt instead. Hetty and I are at Kentwrll Hall in Suffolk, reenacting life as Tudor bakers.

3 thoughts on “#TicckleTuesday #9 theme Tudor Baxter #flashfiction”

  1. The Last Course

    There were at least a thousand people staying at the inn that day. The dining hall was abuzz with the sounds of hungry people. They say that grief causes a serious loss of appetite. While serving the last course, the lady baker was beginning to doubt the validity of that old adage. After all, it was just an hour since the hangman of Calais had smitten off the Queen’s head with one swift stroke.

    (Author’s note: Reference: http://englishhistory.net/tudor/exanne.html)

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