#trifextra – “Statues Feel”

The Friday trifecta writing challenge this week is to write a nice happy 33 word story, inspired by the prompt below:


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Here is my offering:

“Statues Feel”
by Dr. Mike Reddy (@doctormikereddy)
[33 words]

Statues breathe slower than flesh, and move slower still. Too much to see that passes by, unless you take time. Flesh miss our feelings, which take seasons. Winter’s frowns cancel out Summer smiles.

14 thoughts on “#trifextra – “Statues Feel””

  1. I love that first line,’statues breathe slower than flesh..’, this was amazing and it captured me. I believe this as well, wonderful. Very good contribution to this prompt. 😉

  2. “Too much to see that passes by, unless you take time.”
    “Winter’s frowns cancel out Summer smiles.”

    Very poignant lines. The first is a great reminder. So many of us don’t take the time. The second one is all to real for some. Great job with the prompt!

  3. Yes, that first line pulls the reader in. I liked this. It’s an interesting idea that statues get to appreciate nature more than us mortals.

    1. Thanks. I was trying to imagine who would see the year as the video showed it; it had to be someone/thing that moved more slowly. Rather than catch the scene itself, which is wonderful, I wanted to evoke the viewer.

      1. So that’s how you got there. And, of course. It makes perfect sense. This really drew me in, Mike. I will never look at statues quite the same again.

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