#satsuntails – “2012 and all that” #flashfiction (UPDATE Runner Up)

I got runner up this week.

Given I won last time 🙂 I’m quite keen on the #satsuntails flash fiction compo, which uses a phrase and an image as prompt.

This week’s stories need to be 150 words and embrace the idea of “doubtful vibrations” and the following image:

Researching the phrase came up with this yahoo answers question about the World ending in 2012! So, that’s what I went with.
Here’s my entry, but please check it out in its original location (to read other entries) too:

“2012 and all that”
by Dr. Mike Reddy (@doctormikereddy)
[150 words]

“Have the dream again?”

“Yes. The Globe will end. If only I knew what the symbols were.”

“Shape them in the gravel again.”

“2. 0. 1. 2.”

“2012 and the Globe will be destroyed? The gravel. The plant. Everything?”

“I don’t know how, but I always see the flat face with two eyes together.”

“But the flat faces always precursor the mana from Guppy.”

“This flat face is different. Spiky scales. Not like the mana bringers.”

“Spiky scales?”

“Yes, and the eyes are thin like fins, not like a mouth.”

“Let’s consult the Oracle. The red glow may tell us what to do.”

“The Ora… Oh Guppy! Come here. Do you see that?”

“The red glow. It’s like your shapes. The 2s, the 0 and the 1 are there.”


“Damn! Poor fish. When did the cat get in?”

“Judging from the broken clock, just after 8pm. Yep. 12 minutes past.”

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