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Lillie McFerrin hosts a Five Sentence Fiction competition on her blog. This week’s theme is Limitless.

Here is my entry:

Tiredness was to blame for the accident, but Paul Berry’s helmet reduced his injury to mere concussion as he left the plane for the last time.

The 500th consecutive jump would have given Berry a world record, if only he had fallen down instead of up.

Paul couldn’t believe it when he woke floating on a cloud, standing in the dock accused of breaking the Law of Gravity.

The surreal trial ended, given the overwhelming evidence against him, with the judge donning the black cap.

So, when Berry woke up the second time, sentence was quickly served.

8 thoughts on “#fivesentencefiction – Limitless”

  1. When it is a matter of options, we always find we are in the middle… Until the Judge makes it clear what is UP and what is DOWN! 🙂

    Beautiful Final Judgment bout for a danger seeking soul!

    Well written!

    Od Liam

  2. He should have it figured out after 499 tries. Perhaps he finally did. Breaking the law of gravity might be blameless than complying and breaking bones.

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