#FiveSentenceFiction – Wisdom

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Lillie McFerrin hosts a Five Sentence Fiction competition on her blog. This week’s theme is Wisdom.

Here is my first ever attempt at one:

Who would have thought a dentist, all dentists in fact, would be the centre of the World’s largest Satanic conspiracy?

It’s safe to tell you, now you are restrained and the anaesthetic is working, so there is no point in struggling.

You see, God does nothing without a purpose, including giving you a set of apparently useless teeth, seats for your soul.

I simply extract them, hand them over to this useful little demon here, and you won’t even remember a thing.

They’re not called Wisdom Teeth for nothing, you know…

8 thoughts on “#FiveSentenceFiction – Wisdom”

  1. When I first saw this posted from a “Dr. Reddy” I thought might be a dentist, perhaps even an evil one. I’ll get over the disappointment. Anyway, welcome to FSF.

    Just to let you know, I still have MY wisdom teeth, although they haven’t made me any wiser.

    BTW, it seems I’ve read this story somewhere else before… (Just kidding!)

    Nice story!

  2. You know!

    I find this conspiracy a few years ago, and I am fighting them since that time, to no avail!

    We are lost unless we can retrieve our Wisdom Teeth in time.

    I am looking for them at any organic waste place I can locate.
    You had a pretty good idea, and your tale is a gem!
    I like it. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    Od Liam

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