#AudioMo Day 11: “All Limbs Matter: A Satire” a topical short story for @RealDonaldTrump and @audiomo listeners


And here’s the text of that story

“All Limbs Matter: A Satire”

“Now the cockerel has got involved.” announced The Dog formally known as Mr Jones’ Dog, Shep, but who had re-identified as Freedom. “…and the Hens are truly revolting!”
“Freedom, I can see you under the now famous ‘Four Legs Good’ sign… Do you think this is yet another sign of just how misguided Old Major truly was, before the advent of our beloved Napoleon?” came a voice from the Animal TV Studio anchor.
“Yes, Moses, I think it does. This is a ‘foul’ protest indeed, but I’ve just heard that our enlightened leader has just tweeted a response to the #wingedlivesmatter movement.”
“That’s right, Freedom. It’s on the screens now…”
#wingedlivesmatter is just fake. Fake news! As my good friend Mr Whymper says “Wings are every bit as good as legs!”
“So, back in the studio we have Pinkeye Pig, who is an expert on comparing legs and wings. But first, please text now for our opinion poll, or use the web site animalfarm.tv or our App. Is Napoleon right? Or is he not wrong?”

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