#trifextra – tether loft crown “While greater fools look on #flashfiction @trifectawriting

The Friday trifecta writing challenge this week is to write a 33 word story, including: ‘tether’, ‘loft’ and ‘crown’.

Here is my offering:

“While greater fools look on”
by Dr. Mike Reddy (@doctormikereddy)
[33 words]

“Aren’t we breaking into the Treasury?” I asked. We’d scaled the wall, thanks to a bribable servant’s rope tether, but headed up. “The crown’s NOT in the loft.”

“We’re not after the crown…”

14 thoughts on “#trifextra – tether loft crown “While greater fools look on #flashfiction @trifectawriting”

  1. They’re after…the scepter!
    Actually I have no idea what they’re after haha Great piece!

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