#VisDare – Implore “Scream quietly, the guards will hear” #flashfiction

Every week #VisDare posts a picture challenge. This week the theme is “Implore” and the photo prompt is:

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Here is my story:

“Scream quietly, the guards might hear”
by Dr. Mike Reddy (@doctormikereddy)
[150 words]

Some clients wanted their victims to beg me or, more accurately, my employers for mercy. Most would implore me for more time. ‘Implore’ from the Latin ‘implorare’, root ‘plorare’ meaning ‘to cry out’, which seemed appropriate somehow. This was not one of those cases. This was one of the ‘not trying to give a message jobs’ that had to look like an accident. You know, the ones that in movies never work out.

Security had swept the museum. As expected. Then doubled back. I’d been lucky. Only then had this week’s very important man been cleared for his private viewing of the gallery. His examination of me added fifteen minutes to the two hours I’d been stood on the plinth; the body makeup was causing dehydration.

Finally he turned away to walk beneath his death by chandelier. The crash brought Security a minute later. Quicker than expected. Now to wait.

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