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#dmzee – a Twitter Game for Dragonmeet 2012 INTRODUCTION

Hi there…!
If you are attending Dragonmeet 2012 and are on Twitter then why not make meeting people at the event into a game?

#dmzee (pronounced Dee Em Zee) is an experimental Social Media Game, which will receive its debut at Dragonmeet this year. It is intended to be light-hearted and relatively hands free (if only to prevent us from being a slave to tweeting instead of enjoying the event itself). Volunteers are welcome to help with logistics, if we get silly numbers.

Players will be in one of these factions (or more, possibly without even knowing!) – the Anarchocats, Ancients or Authority – thus rendering this the very first Triple-A  (!) game on Twitter. Further information is provided in the password protected links below; you can choose or be allocated to one of the factions, or be assigned randomly, by following the @TwAdven account (so we can DM you with instructions) and tweeting your request to be involved using the official hash tag #dmzee (and initially #dragontweet so the main organisers know how many are involved). The protagonists of the game are threefold:

  1. The Anarchocats – These are bio terrorists responsible for a number of claimed attacks, using biological and chemical weapons with frequent civilian casualties. The Media have sometimes questioned the speed with which the Government has assigned blame to this organisation for a variety of events. Considered “Extreme Risk”.
  2. The Ancients – A group of religious nuts (basically), organised like many cults into groups attempting to recruit like-minded (weak willed) citizens, or so the Government and Law-enforcement Services say anyway. Considered “Mostly Harmless”
  3. The Authority – Your benevolent protector. If their agents come looking for you, it is because you have done (or are clearly about to do) something wrong. There’s nothing to see here. Move on! Considered “Your Friend, who has only your best interests at heart.”

More people can be recruited to the game on the day, and may pay a passive role (effectively as your score/victory points) or actively by also following @TwAdven and using the official #dmzee hash tag, for which all concerned will gain double bonuses. Even if they don’t join in the game, you will get credited as explained below.

Once you have (pre)registered, you will be given specific instructions, but here’s how it will generally work:

  • When you meet fellow tweeters at Dragonmeet 2012, you will tweet that you met them, using the #dmzee tag. This tag should be used to get a general idea of activity.
  • If they RT or reply to your tweet you will be doubly credited with the contact. What happens next will depend upon who was present, which factions are involved, and the order of tweets will be significant.
  • Finally, if you go to specific vendors, locations or events (TBC) during Dragonmeet and tweet this with #dmzee then being in the vicinity of others may have a greater effect.

Goals (and the Win Condition)
Each of the above factions will have a unique mechanic in a Rock Paper Scissors style, as well as Geasa that control behaviour/actions. The Win condition for each faction will be described in more detail in the password protected links above. This is intended to be light hearted, but cheating (a.k.a. “intelligent thinking”) is encouraged so long as it means more fun for all. It IS a role-playing opportunity, remember, so keeping in character should be encouraged. In the end, if we all had fun, “We’re ALL winners!” but I will pick particular people to mention in despatches.