#fivesentencefiction – Moments “Oh well”

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Lillie McFerrin hosts a Five Sentence Fiction competition on her blog. This week’s theme is Moments.


Here is my entry, which is inspired by the picture this week:


“Oh well”
by Dr. Mike Reddy (@doctormikereddy)

“No, look,” Bill said smugly. “It’s a reflex action from birth, but it don’t last long, so ya have to help me now!”

“You’re serious, aren’t ya?” his best mate asked. “You want me to video you suspending your sister’s baby over the old wishing well… for a YouTube video…?”

“Totally, Ted! It will be VIRAL!” he said, pointing repeatedly at the camera.

Ted grudgingly started recording, his one visible eye seeking reassurance that it was going to be ok.

“Holly shit,” he said “The little bugger is totally hanging from your fin… Oh!”

10 thoughts on “#fivesentencefiction – Moments “Oh well””

  1. I’d like to report that this story is a copy [in part] of a story millions of people have already read. It is the story of Michael Jackson holding his kid upside down over the balcony where he was staying.

    But then again, there’s nothing new under the sun,

    A Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and your family

  2. Ding dong dell, baby’s in the well…

    I can see someone trying this, and then posting it to every conceivable social media site in existence, hoping it will go viral. Holy shit is right;)

    Great piece of writing too. I agree that your dialog is spot on!

  3. I know some believe the best way to teach a baby to swim is to dunk them and let them get into it, but this doesn’t sound like the right method.

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