#FinishThatThought – “Finn’s First Day” #flashfiction (UPDATE Honourable Mention)

Got an Honourable Mention for this!

Alissa Leonard has created the “Finish That Thought” Flash Fiction compo, which usually provides an opening line and some ‘special challenge’ words to include, and must be less than 500 words. This week’s compo opening line was “It was [his] first day at [his] new [school], and [he] was determined to make this time different.” and the special challenge words were: skylight,
papercut and gown.

I didn’t have much time this week, but wanted to put something in, even if it was short. This is my story, but please check out the original submission and read other entries.

“Finn’s First Day”
by Dr. Mike Reddy (@doctormikereddy) [114 words]

It was Finn’s first day at his new school, and he was determined to make this time different. Ok, so he was from a large family, but most here were. It was all about procreation in this neighbourhood, and the males spread their seed quite widely.

Finn’s mother had been explicit: In school do NOT stick out; go with the flow; follow the majority. It would be safer that way!” she had said that morning. He had promised her he wouldn’t be baited. That he wouldn’t get out of his depth.

However, on this occasion, he decided to break the rules, to swim his own course. And that was when the shark ate him.

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