#satsuntails – “Killer App” (UPDATE Winner)


It appears I won. The official announcement is here.

In my never-ending search for more opportunities to write, I’ve discovered #satsuntails.

The stories were based on the idea of “sleeping giants” and the following image:

Here’s my first entry, but please check it out in its original location (to read other entries) too:

“Killer App”
Some wore them as earrings, or nose studs, or even spectacles. At one point there had been a ridiculous early fashion for pretentious earpieces, apparently named after a pirate, no less. Bluebeard? However, those early models were not able to Jack(R) nearly as well, being mere data visualisation conduits. Sylvi had her Giant(tm) in a simple hairpiece, easily overlooked when most preferred their attachments on the side or front of the skull, for easier neural integration. Sylvi just wanted hers out of the way for everyday people business. It annoyed her how few could resist tapping, touching or even stroking their Giants when they were clearly Jacking.

“Giant: the Jack ‘Killer’ App…” ran the slogan, its irony lost on most.

“…Without one you’re sleep walking.” warned the posters.

Lately, Sylvi had been wandering who was asleep and who awake. At least she took hers off at night. Mostly.

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