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Lillie McFerrin hosts a Five Sentence Fiction competition on her blog. This week’s theme is Bliss.

Here is my entry:

“Look Out The Window”

‘Bliss’, the Internet search engine, Google, showed her, was a well cut lawn stretching towards the horizon, under a fluffy cloud peppered blue sky.

She spent far too much time staring at computer screens. Her compulsory ‘Health and Safety: Use of Visual Display’ training told her she should take an eyestrain break.

Like she had time to look out the window for ten to twenty minutes every hour? That was when she had the idea for lookouthewindow.com, but (Damn it!) someone had beaten her to it again.

6 thoughts on “#fivesentencefiction – Bliss”

  1. Quirky. I really enjoyed this and will now obsess over the possibilities of lookoutthewindow. I just discovered Five Sentence Fiction and am having a blast writing and reading other people’s stories, especially this one. Look forward to reading more–

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