“A Fete Worse Than Death” -A 21st century Cthulhu Adventure

Sunnyside School is not the most salubrious of schools. Unruly, chaotic and occasionally criminal behaviour mars its reputation, and the children are nearly as bad as the staff. It is time for Drastic Measures. The Ministry, flush with the success of transforming Herbert West High into the very model of a modern ambitious educational establishment, have appointed its former leader, Ms. Less, as the new Head Teacher.

She arrives, unfortunately, during the tragedy of the school fete, to the surprise and consternation of Mr. Arthur Pendrákõn (44) the school’s janitorial engineer [@symatt] and Mr. Albus White (??) Sunnyside’s long-standing Chemistry teacher [@richgreen01]

Ruth, her preferred name when “off duty” requests a staff meeting when the fete is concluded. She has big plans for bringing Sunnyside round. Will Mr’s White and Pendrákõn recruit others to help her? Or will they seek to find out what her *methods* consist of. They (and you!) have to decide!

A late arrival at the fete, Father Malcolm, the new Vicar (@gmsmagazine), joins Ms Less in her office prior to the staff meeting. Perhaps his spiritual guidance will strengthen her resolve to save the souls of these poor benighted children? Or is her interest in their future more than it appears to be…

The cast is assembled. Now read on…
Cast (in order of appearance)
Arthur Pendrákõn, 44, the Sunnyside School janitorial engineer, (PC @symatt)
Arthur is from India. Moved here with family about 17 years ago. Hi has one child (boy, not yet seen) who goes to Sunnyside school. Arthur has a Masters in geography and Anthropology. He likes his job as it is. No one knows.

Various noisy 3-17 year old children

Ms. Ruth Less, 31, new Sunnyside Primary School Head Mistress

Mr Albus White, ??, the chemistry teacher, previously acting Head (PC @richgreen01)

Reverend “Father” Malcolm Malcolm, ??, new Vicar for Sunnyside after the previous one, Rev. Redmore, died in suspicious circumstances. (PC @gmsmagazine)

Mr. Leaf Carterton, 29, Sunnyside Shop Teacher, renowned for being a bully

Mrs. Angela Abercrombie, 58, Sunnyside School Crèche Teacher for under 7s

Miss Zachery, ??, (not yet seen) referred to by Mr. White

Mr. Aaron Aardvark, 63, slightly deaf, extremely senile, rumoured to possibly be from regular substance abuse, History Teacher at Sunnyside School. His parents were Peace Corp fans

Alexander Rudge PhD, 87, local Historian and cantankerous old man. Author of “On the Sunnyside – A history of the town” in 1978

Miss Spencer, ?? (but probably very old!), shrewd and wily owner of “the” shop on the corner of High Street and Main Street.

Miss Sally Buchanan, 24, Year 1 teacher, reputed to be extremely fierce and not liked. A sour, grey character.

Aderia Pendrákõn, 37, wife if Arthur, works at the local radio station.

Mrs ? Lee, ?? (not yet seen), teacher

Ms ? Simpson, ?? (Not yet seen), teacher

Mr Marvin Sanderson, 32, single by choice, teacher of English and drama, with a passion for Shakespeare and folk music. (PC @landrasgembar)

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