Perceptia: A Game for #NaGaDeMo

A Random Dot Stereogram (RDS) 2D platformer game for #NaGaDeMo (National Game Development Month) making a game in June.

Because you can see, you do not look. Eyes blind you. How much do you lose, if you lose your eyes?

Listened for he can not be heard. looked for he cannot be seen felt he cannot be touched

The more you try to remain unseen, the more they will feel free to seek you out.

The father learns from the son. That the father learns is, perhaps, enough.

The first country a Dictator invades is his own.

If a man dwells on the Past he robs the Present. If he ignores the Past he robs the Future.

T be alone without someone to love is a waste of the body. To be not alone without someone to love is a waste of the soul.

Love is Harmony, even in Discord. Love born of betrayal is better lost than lived.

Lesson 1: How to Live. Lesson 2: How not to kill. Lesson 3: How to live with Death Lesson 4: How to Die. Seek not others’ death, but your own life.

The puzzle is not to see others, but to let others see you.

Seek not to know all the answers, but to understand the questions.

We are possessed by those things that we seek to possess.

All journeys begin and end. But they set off other journeys, that beget still more. So the journey does not end. Nothing dies that was ever something.

When the Heart knows no Danger, no danger exists. When the Soul becomes the warrior.

Two divided into one will always be trouble

The dust of truth swirls and seeks its own cracks of entry.

The Path is known to each, by finding it.

The screen you see is not the screen I see. Yet we see the same screen. It is us, not the screens that are different. Yet we are one.

Which is evil, the rat who steals, or the cat who kills the rat? You may tell yourself you are good, what does the Universe care?

When you cease to strive to understand, then you will know without understanding.

Your Soul does not keep time, it merely records growth.

It is better to cover the land with love than to let it cover you with hate.

When there is no Fear, there is no Control.

There is gain in every loss as there is loss in every gain.

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Stereogram TETRIS

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If you found the flame of a candle struggling to survive, what would you do? Free it of its own wax to help it to burn only a little longer? How much wax to remove, when wax is its life?

Evil cannot be conquered in the World. It can only be resisted in oneself.

Wisdom is not a flower to pluck, but a mountain that must be climbed. A seed to grow.

A man may die of hunger of the body, but whole nations have died of hunger of the spirit

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