4 thoughts on “#TicckleTuesday – Theme is Mistakes”

    1. Sounds like your flash plug in was failing. Here’s the text of both:

      “All Grown Up”
      My first work day. Grown up.

      During lunch I went to the shop canteen. “Chips, egg, mug of tea.”

      A pretty girl caught my eye, smiling as I poured several sachets into my drink.

      “I like it sweet.” I explained.

      She got up and walked over to me.

      “That’s salt!”

      Weather Warning
      “Aren’t you worried about the hurricane warning?”

      “No. Are you?”

      “We’re rather exposed, under canvas, and the storm is nearly here!”

      “This tent is foolproof. Once erected properly it will withstand a hurricane. The material is Force Ten proof. The poles, carbon fibre. And the pegs, machined magnesium alloy.”


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