#satsuntails – Sibling Rivalry “Dearest Mama” #flashfiction

I’m quite keen on the #satsuntails flash fiction compo, which uses a phrase and an image as prompt. This week I got to judge!
So, I proposed “sibling rivalry” as the prompt, with this lovely image a friend posted on FaceBook:

Original Source

Here’s my ineligible entry, but please check it out in its original location (to read other entries) too:

“Dearest Mama”
by Dr. Mike Reddy (@doctormikereddy)
[150 words, inelligible]

Dearest Mama,

I write this knowing that you will not read my letter unless I die before you. If the curse of outliving your offspring, if not your shame, is avoided then I will have this placed in your tomb to read at St Peter’s pleasure.

In the Afterlife will we be able to talk as mother and daughter. Mortality has cast you as sister only, but such a sister I cannot fault. Only in the Hereafter will we both be freed from Sin, and the guilt of a child born out of wedlock. Your mother, who raised me as hers, only betrayed your trust in death, as the unnamed brute did for you in Life.

I do not know if you loved him, or he you, but I know I was loved more than I knew. To have me near and yet so far.

Your faithful sister/daughter,


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