Flash Friday #33

Did my first ever #FlashFridayFic compo entry today. It’s the second reply comment here.

Meanwhile, here’s the story again:

“How to Survive an Argument With a Dragon” by Dr. Mike Reddy FRSA (@DoctorMikeReddy) [200 words]

“Tis a simple matter, mortal.” the Dragon sighed. “Pick wisely. The wrong choice means certain death…” The ‘th’ in death was (dramatically?) extended like a snake’s hiss.

Having never seen a real dragon before, this particular mortal examined the wizened face, wondering whether snakes had a common ancestor. From her experience with fossils it seemed unlikely to be dinosaurs.

“And you will not harm me before I’ve made a choice?”

The Dragon nodded. “I wouldst not kill thee afore a choice is made, Mortal.”

“I have a name. Mona Fury.” the mortal cried. Both names recycled from relatives, which annoyed her intensely. Not that this would matter if she didn’t solve the Dragon’s riddle.

“Thou hast two ways ahead to escape the cave. One of fire, one of ice.” the Dragon gestured to each with her free claw. The other, cold and clammy – not snakes then – gripped the caver expertly.

“Put me down then.” Mona said calmly. The Dragon lowered and unfurled its claw.

“I choose… not to choose. I’ll make my own way out.”

“Very clever, Human.” the Dragon conceded. Triumphantly, Mona bent to pick up her caving gear.

“Of course, that WAS still a ‘choice’ though, wasn’t it…”

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