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Dr. Mike “DoctorMike” Reddy has studied and worked at several universities, including Durham, Leeds, Manchester and Glamorgan, and the University of Wales, Newport, which recently merged with Glamorgan University to become the University of South Wales. He claims to be “an awful academic, far more interested in the playing and the doing of life than the writing and reviewing” and perhaps for that reason has been instrumental in raising debate over 21st century pedagogy and teaching practices in the UK, reprioritising learning and reminding us that education is something you do for/with students, not at them. After a busy period working on the World’s first Foundation Degree for getting Artists to program, while running the EU funded CalDys2 project aimed at creating computer games to aid children with dyslexia learn English as a second language, with 10 EU partners – Lots of travel, lots of work, no time – he enjoyed some quiet time, before considering his next big project. This will be developing a VR App to enhance the teaching of road safety, funded by the Road Safety Trust (RST). Mike is also a Story Teller, Writer and Broadcaster, and all round Pedagogist, interested in Games, Plagiarism, Social Effects of Technology, oh and Plagiarism.

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  1. Dude, you seriously working at Newport?
    I come from Newport (South Wales). Haha, you get on a worldwide forum and end up talking to some guy from your home town. How you getting on there?

    1. Thank you so much. Am in Caffeine withdrawal – my doctor MADE me do it! – so my productivity is at an all time low – I suspect it’s actually in the negative right now… – so something like this is very pleasant.

  2. Dr. Mike. I stumped across the sifteo resurrection project after dusting off the sifteo set I bought at a maker faire a few years ago (when it was new). I’m not really super saavy with terminal things, and I’m hoping you can point me to somewhere I can get a more basic introduction to setting up the SDK so I can perhaps load in some third party elf files and possibly play around with the development of my own simple files.

    I was able to get the sifteo sdk to load, and used this site http://altdevblog.com/2011/10/04/getting-started-with-sifteo-cubes/

    to try to use swiss to load a file, but it didn’t recognize the swiss command, so I was kind of at a stopping place. Love any guidance and good on you for keeping this cool product in play.

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