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An apology!

You might wonder why this page is so small and badly designed. Well, my view is that mechanics always drive home the worst car in the garage, because they never have time to fix their own vehicles. It’s the same with the Web – too many other pages to work on. Hopefully, this document will be transformed into an awe-inspiring piece of HTML, CGI (such as Flash, XML, PHP, etc., which will exemplify all that is good in Home Page construction. The projected deadline for achieving this is approximately two months after Microsoft produce a decent operating system and stop copying Apple! So some time next century is the cautious estimate…

Where to begin…

I have a rather cluttered mind – anyone who has seen my office will know that this spills into real life – and was described by one former employer as “something of a butterfly” flying from one obsession to the next, but always very knowledgeable on whatever was currently in focus.

Another colleague described me as a “an interesting mix of the very old and the very new!” In general terms, I tend to like Celtic and Tudor history and mythology at one end to high-tech stuff at the other (most aptly the Internet!) My most recent projects being the making of a coracle and research into ancient beekeeping practices – I am acknowledged as a world leader in expertise on Tudor and Medieval Beekeeping; there used to be an online FAQ, but it is in dire need of updating (sorry).

I am an (un)acomplished musician, (un)able to play the Bodhran (Irish drum), Tin Whistle, Harmonica, Flute and Harp. I used to own two of the latter: A clarsach (34 nylon string) and a lap harp (22 gut string), but I have upgraded to a small 22 string wire strung lap harp in the medieval style, carved from yew and sadly gathering dust. I tend to slaughter mostly Irish and Folk music, though Medieval and Renaissance pieces are beginning to be tortured even as we speak!

Is this who I am? Well…

Other labels that might stick: Vegan, Pagan (specifically Shaman), Eccentric, Bohemian (The kind without the independent means), Historical Re-enactor, Beekeeper, Writer, Actor, Tai Chi Player, Poet and Storyteller (my favourite pastime!).

Is this who I am? Maybe…

You could look at my CV if you ask nicely.

Is this who I am? No.

The best solution is to look at the collection of my bookmarks as a rough guide (Rather like looking at someone’s bookshelf to see what kind of person they are!) Try clicking on my incredibly unstructured Del.icio.us link.

Will that give you an idea of who I am?

Who knows? Far better to just drop me a line

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